Claudia Dionigi Pregnant (6 Photos)

Claudia Dionigi and Lorenzo Riccardi are very happy together now waiting for their first child. Like many popular Internet personalities, many men and women follow them on social networks, where they receive hundreds of likes every day. Claudia and Lorenzo really have a lot of fans who were impressed by their beautiful love story. The couple is vacationing in Sardinia these days and finally enjoying a well-deserved rest until the end of summer.

Claudia Dionigi Pregnant

Finally, Claudia Dionigi started posting photos clearly showing her pregnancy. Starting from pictures in a bikini and ending with a selfie in a tight dress – in each picture, pregnant Claudia Dionigi tries to demonstrate her baby bump.

Claudia Dionigi Baby Bump
Claudia Dionigi Preggo Selfie
Claudia Dionigi Pregnant And Bare Foot
Claudia Dionigi Pregnant In A Bikini
Claudia Dionigi Sexy Pregnant

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